Ekee: LaTeX equation editor -- BROKEN AND UNMAINTAINED

Ekee has been unmaintained and broken on many platforms (including Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid) for some time. It may work for you if you are lucky. I would welcome someone forking it, or rewriting a replacement. At the moment, I do not have the time to integrate patches and make new releases. Thanks to all who have reported bugs and proposed their help or code.

Ekee produces images interactively from LaTeX expressions. Drag and drop in several common formats (PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS) to other applications is supported. Ekee can reopen the equations it has created in PNG format. It is free software, released under the GPL.


ekee screenshot
Screenshot: dragging an equation to OpenOffice.org Impress.

Recent changes

The current version is 2.0.2 (released on September 8th, 2008). This is a bugfix release. Changes since 2.0.2 include:

You can consult the current README, TODO, AUTHORS and copyright files.


All of this is written in Ruby + Qt4. It needs ruby, the Qt4 bindings for Ruby, latex (the Texlive base for instance, plus recommended and extra fonts, also from Texlive), dvipng, pstoedit, epstopdf and xdg-utils.

Debian, Ubuntu

Ekee is currently broken on Ubuntu Karmic Koala : it segfaults when you run it. I have no time to fix it at the moment : I am sorry for that, and will accept patches gladly.

ekee_2.0.2-1_all.deb should work on Ubuntu Hardy, and possibly even on Debian testing. IT IS BROKEN ON MANY MORE RECENT PLATFORMS AND UNMAINTAINED.

You may install it and get automatic upgrades by adding the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://rlehy.free.fr/packages/ekee ./

and then just typing:

sudo aptitude update sudo aptitude install ekee

Others: tarball

The source tarball can be used by everyone (it is source-only, there is nothing to compile). You can easily install Ekee locally by just dropping ekee into your PATH.

Bug reports, wishlist

Some of the current wishlist is in the TODO file. You may report bugs directly to ronan.lehy@gmail.com. Please read the README file first.


Ekee started as a clone of the excellent LaTeX equation editor you can find on MacOS X. Until version 1.3, it was called 'eqe' and was written with Perl and GTK2. With version 2.0, it has gained a more pronounceable name, and a Ruby + Qt4 implementation. Eqe had a command-line counterpart (named 'eqedit'), which has now disappeared.

Ways out

Feedback, good or bad, is welcome. Don't hesitate to send ideas or patches.

Ronan Le Hy
This is http://rlehy.free.fr.